The International Certificate of Christian Education

Equipping young people to aspire and achieve, with Biblical faith and Christian character

​​Why ICCE?

The International Certificate of Christian Education (ICCE) recognises and encourages a high standard of academic achievement according to the student’s abilities. The focus on teaching from a Biblical worldview encourages and promotes the development of Christian character.

The aim of Christian Education is to equip young people for life, placing God and His Word at the centre as the focus of all thoughts, actions and intentions. The ICCE curriculum structure serves this aim, with academic components that develop a robust, reasoned Christian faith founded on a Biblical worldview.

UK NARIC benchmarked the ICCE in 2008 and 2011 and found the General and Advanced Certificates comparable to CIE O and A Levels respectively.

Want to know more?

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The ICCE Qualification is based on the
Accelerated Christian Education curriculum

There are four subject groups within the programme.

Group 1 - Christian Studies

The Christian Studies requirement at each level is designed to foster the students’ understanding of and appreciation for Christian Faith issues and to consolidate and develop a thorough and reasoned understanding of the theology of the Christian Faith. Apologetics and worldview considerations are a focus of Christian Studies courses.

Groups 2 & 3 - Academic Studies

These two groups of academic study offer a range of courses giving students scope to choose courses to suit their personal interests, aptitudes and needs. The ICCE educational programme accommodates any regional distinctive without creating regional variants of the ICCE. 

Group 4 - Applied Studies

The ICCE Applied/Elective Studies component is intended to recognise training for Christian ministry to encourage students in practical expressions of service and ministry, and to provide opportunity for life-related projects to be incorporated in the overall balance of the study programmes during the final two years of their education.