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A survey conducted between 1995 and 1996 revealed that, although convinced about Christian home education, many homeschooling parents felt isolated and even discouraged by the lack of local support from like-minded Christians, and would appreciate regular contact, fellowship, support, assistance and encouragement from experienced Christian educators, who also home educate their children. To this end, Christian Education Europe Ltd. decided to establish TEACH, a distance learning support organisation which now has over 500 families and more than 1,000 children.

The European Academy for Christian Homeschooling provides a comprehensive range of quality services designed to help parents establish and run a homeschooling programme of the highest quality. By working with TEACH your family will receive the support and assistance necessary to fulfill your responsibilities to “bring them (your children) up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.” (Ephesians 6:4). Under no circumstances do we presume to take over this responsibility.

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If you've got questions about home educating, ACE, or ICCE, we'd love to hear from you! The TEACH Team is made up of a group of experience Christian home educators & graduates of the ACE curriculum who are passionate about give their fellow home educators the help & support they need.

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We are only too aware of how daunting a task starting your homeschooling journey can be. Our comprehensive, easy-to-use training takes you step by step through how to use the Accelerated Christian Education programme to educate your children at home.

Events that Inspire

We host events that resource students and parents. Our main events of the year are the European Student Convention and TEACH Camp, but we also hold special events online for home educators.

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The TEACH event of the Year!
The annual TEACH Camp is a time where whole families can enjoy a time of refreshment, encouragement, and fellowship. With engaging, informative sessions for parents & youth, and creative activities for children, it’s an event not to be missed!
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TEACH Camp Image
TEACH Camp Image

European Student Convention

The European Student Convention (ESC) is an amazing, once-a-year opportunity for students who use the ACE curriculum.
More than anything, it is a place for ACE students to belong.

Students compete against each other in a number of events including:
  • Art & Photography
  • Drama & Music
  • Sport & Athletics
  • Academics & Bible Memory

This convention is divided into two parts:
Junior Convention for 9-12 year olds
Senior Convention for 13-19 year olds

ESC is held at Kingham Hill School in the Cotswolds, a beautiful facility where young people have the opportunity of a lifetime to develop their gifts & talents, all to God’s glory!
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Calendar of Events

You can view all of our upcoming events below. Just click on the one's you're most interested in to go straight to the event website, or you can visit

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Catch up online!

If you've missed an event, head over to our Vimeo channel to catch up.

We have inspiring testimonies, hard-hitting talks, and amazing student performances from past events all available on our Vimeo channel. Watch and be inspired!

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TEACH Large Ensemble | ESC 17

Every year, home educated students from across the UK prepare a large vocal ensemble for the European Student Convention. 

24-7 Life Stories | Louise Irons

After graduating from Maranatha Christian School with ICCE, Louise spent two years working in a learning centre in Romania, this is her story.